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MusicRowLawyer Featured Client


The Law office of Steve Weaver is very pleased to represent Wildcatter Records, our current Featured Client.  Wildcatter Records has been a client since its formation and we continue to celebrate its successes and dedication to Western music.  We wish Wildcatter Records much success in 2007!  We’ll let them tell you their story below:

Wildcatter Records is The Home of Contemporary Western Music. Wildcatter is not your average record label! Wildcatter Records was started by a group of people with a deep-seated and true-to-life love of Western culture who decided an avenue needed to be created to develop and distribute contemporary Western music. Wildcatter’s mission is to celebrate the spirit and romance of the American West through music. So what is western music anyway? It has evolved over the years from stories about settling the west to the modern day rural lifestyle.  Western music celebrates the great outdoors, stout horses, true love, and the importance of family. The musical accompaniment of this genre of music can be as simple as a lone guitar or a full orchestra. So what is contemporary western music? At Wildcatter, they know that people like to listen to music that has a full rich sound. That's why they favor artists that use steel guitars, twin fiddles and other instrumentation that provides a signature sound all of its own.

Wildcatter Records opened its doors in Graham, Texas, in May, 2003. Graham is located along the route of the Texas Forts Trail, approximately two hours northwest of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Graham's history includes Indian raids, wagon train massacres, historic forts, and more. Even Hollywood has used Graham as the focus of several full-length motion pictures such as "The Sons of Katie Elder" and "Lonesome Dove."

According to Wildcatter Records CEO Mickey Dawes, "there's absolutely, positively, a market for Western music that has a commercial look, feel, and instrumentation that can be brought to mainstream America". Dawes further remarked that, "we're not a record label that wants to 'dabble' in the western business. We are people that have the West in our souls and know that music and entertainment is part of that culture."

Wildcatter Records is proud to represent Joni Harms, David Ball, Red Steagall, and Texana. 


For more information on Wildcatter Records and their artists please be sure to check out their website.




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