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Legal Fees

We offer a complete package of legal services for the entertainment industry, including for songwriters, artists, authors, producers, executives, and business clients such as publishers and record companies.  It is our desire to be creative and flexible when establishing legal fees.  Whenever possible we quote a “flat fee” for the service to be performed so that the client will know in advance the cost of hiring the attorney.  In most instances we also “unbundle” the fees.  This means that the various stages of the project are listed with separate fees for each.  This gives clients the option performing some services themselves and of picking and choosing those services to be performed by the attorney.  In many instances fees are based on the actual value of the transaction and the value added by the attorney.  If it is the client’s desire we will consider billing in the more traditional manner of an hourly rate.  For more specific information, please send an email to info@musicrowlawyer.com.  Please be sure to tell us the specifics of your particular needs and how we can reach you.  Existing clients, if you would like to submit a payment online, you may do so by accessing PayPal.

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