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Welcome to MusicRowLawyer.com, the website of The Law Office of C. Stephen Weaver. If you don't know, "Music Row" refers to that section of Nashville, Tennessee where there is the highest concentration of music and entertainment industry places of business (e.g., record companies, managers, publishers, attorneys, accountants and related businesses).

For over 30 years Steve Weaver has rendered advice and counsel to individuals and companies in the music and entertainment industries, representing artists and other "industry-ites" in their various professional endeavors, including the negotiation and drafting of agreements and other documents for recording artists, songwriters, literary authors, actors, record producers, film producers and music publishers. One of the primary reasons for the establishment of this website is to share with the visitor some of what has been learned in the last two decades by providing articles and other information about business and legal issues in the music and entertainment industries.

We hope you will benefit from your visit and that you will come back often.

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